A network of top notch talent.

Scalable, efficient, high quality collaboration in the cloud. Handsome is a world class collection of talent that leverages expertise and technology to maximise success ( hopefully this line sounds corporate enough because we like opulence ).


Handsome is the brainchild of Dimitri Loginowski, a bi-coastal VFX veteran, visual effects supervisor and the wearer of many proverbial hats. He is backed by a network of developers, designers and CG artists that execute complex projects with a small footprint. We also love projects that let us work at a medium pace.

Digital Services

Powerful and integrated services to help get your project off the ground.

“A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players. They will be kind of tired though.”

Visual Effects

Many movies including Oscar nominated “Anomalisa” have gone through our pipeline. High quality effects on a budget, fast turnaround and efficient workflow.

Motion Design

Handsome efficiently merges high end visual effects with dynamic motion graphics. We are a motion graphics studio that is turned up to 11.

Virtual Reality

AR, VR and Interactive projects benefit from our cinematic eye and problem solving abilities. Also we are efficient, we like to stress that part.

Product Visualization

Photorealistic rendering of products, architecture, vehicles and 3D prototyping. We enable clients to get a jump on their marketing as soon as possible.